Kernideen Spiraldynamik

5 Deep Schichten

  1. Handlungen und Verhalten
  2. Systeme und Strukturen
  3. Weltsichten. Gedanken (Mind) der Menschen und Art und Weise des Denkens
  4. Genetische- und Memetische Codes
  5. Umweltbedingungen (Intern/Extern)

Alle Quadranten, alle Ebenen, alle Linien (4Q/8E)

Die 4 Quadranten quadrants.gif
  1. Oben Links (Ich, Psychologie, Subjektiv, Einzahl)
  2. Unten Links (Wir, Kultur, Subjektiv, Mehrzahl)
  3. Oben Rechts (Es, Neurologie, Objektiv, Einzahl)
  4. Unten Rechts (Sie, Soziologie, Objektiv, Mehrzahl)

Ebenen, Linien, Zustand, Ströme, Wellen und Types.

Sechs Dimensionen von Wertesystemen

  1. Genes. Biologische Codes, Muster, und Prädispositionen im Organismus.
  2. wMeme. Kernintelligenz Core human intelligences that shape psychological systems.
  3. Worldviews. Repertoire of all awakened, accessible vMemes.
  4. Mindsets. Online, active, vMeme(s) dominate in a given situation or context.
  5. Themes. Themen, Gründe, Ismen und Ereignisse, welche ein wMeme Energiefeld formen.
  6. Semes. Worte, Symbole, Icons, und Objekte welche wMemen Anhaften oder von denen getrennt sind

Werte Komponenten

  1. vMeme Kontext. Umweltbedingungen. WARUM?
  2. vMeme Code. Wertesysteme. Schema. WIE?
  3. vMeme Ausdruck. Oberflächen Manifestationen. Thema. WAS?

The Prime Directive

Evolutionary Tension ThePrimeDirective

Sechs Voraussetzungen für wMem Wandel


  1. Dissonanz und Unsicherheit über die Angemessenheit des aktuellen Denkens

Fünf Schritte des wMem Wandels


  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. Gamma
  4. Delta
  5. New Alpha

Acht Variationen des Wandels


  • CV1
  • CV2
  • CV3
  • CV4
  • CV5
  • CV6
  • CV7
  • CV8

Fünf Aspekte der Umweltbedingungen


  1. Zeit (historisch)
  2. Ort
  3. Probleme
  4. Umstände
  5. Kapazität

Four waves of evolution

  1. Fatalistic Determinism
  2. Progressive Darwinism
  3. Anti Evolutionary Egalitarianism
  4. Chaos Driven Non-linear Complexity


Boomeritis Mean Green Meme (MGM)

Blooms Pentad

  1. Conformity enforcers
  2. Diversity Generators
  3. Inner Judges
  4. Resource Shifters
  5. Intergroup Tournaments

Humpy Dumpy Effect

Coalescing Power, Authority and Influence (CAPI). Based on Mutual Trust and Respect

  1. Power. Capability to grant or withdraw expected contribution. Raw Power within the organisation.
  2. Authority. Legal Right to say Yes and No.
  3. Influence. Special Knowledge and contexts. Political connections. Intelligence.

Integral Change/Design Equation

How should who lead/manage/teach… whom to do what? Change from What to What? How should who lead whom to do what with which people living where? (4Q/8L)

Design and Alignment- Meme Stacks- PeopleSCAN

  1. Values Test
  2. Form A
  3. BrainSCAN
  4. Change State Indicator
  5. LeaderSCAN 360
  6. SpiralSCAN
  7. CultureSCAN
  8. CountrySCAN
  9. WorldSCAN

MeshWorks-Natural Design

Plumb Line Process (7 elements)

  1. Job Requirements
  2. People Profiles
  3. Recruitment and Selection
  4. Placement
  5. Training and Development
  6. Management
  7. Form

Spiral Alignment (Streams)

Ten Elements in the Streams Sequence

  1. Decide What business you are really in
  2. Chart Big Picture Patterns and Flows in the Milieu (Past Present Future)
  3. Take Inventory of Resources, Functional Capacities, and Life-Cycle Stages
  4. Develop and Propagate a Strategic Vision
  5. Establish Set-Points, Locate Flywheels, and Map the Organisation’s Psychological ‘DNA’.
  6. Connect everything to everything else
  7. Design an ideal Hypothetical Model Fitting Structures to Functions.
  8. Liberate, realign and Reshape Current Systems to Fit the New Model
  9. Place the right Person into the Right Job with the Right Tools and Support
  10. Build an Ongoing Realignment Process for Continuous Shifts and Changes

Spiral Integration (Templates)

X, Y and Z Templates

  1. X Template. The Most Natural Forms and Flows for the Critical Functions. Specifies the job to be done.
  2. Y Template. People Factors and Management Systems. The Support Systems for the people who do the job.
  3. Z Template. Command Intelligences. Brain Syndicate. The overarching executive intelligences necessary for the macro-management of everything and everybody while it is being done.

Five Processes for Applying Spiral Dynamics

  1. Read the vMemes
    • Drop the Plumb Bob
    • Apply the Design Formula

  1. Communicate with the vMemes
  2. Organise through the vMemes
  3. Manage to the vMemes
  4. Prepare for vMeme Change

The Spiral Tool Kit (8 essential tools)

  1. Deciphering Codes
  2. Constructing Maps
  3. Elaborating Quadrants
  4. Creating Monitors
  5. Applying Equations
  6. Reading Compasses
  7. Observing Cycles
  8. Building Scenarios

Five Bottom Lines

  1. Clear Principles
  2. Respect for Profit
  3. Wellbeing for People
  4. Authentic Purpose
  5. Ecology of the Planet

The Nine F’s used in designing Natural Systems

  1. Function
  2. Form
  3. Fit
  4. Flow
  5. Fulfilment
  6. Fun
  7. Foresight
  8. Focus
  9. Future

Universal POA to build positive Relationships

  1. The Politeness factor
  2. The Openness factor
  3. The Autocracy factor

Vital Signs Monitor (VSM) and Vital Signs Centre

Hermeneutical Verification Validation and Triangulation
  1. Do value tests. Use People SCAN tools
  2. Workshops to define problems
  3. Ask: How do they express themselves?

The Twelve Postulates

An integral initiative based on an understanding of the complex dynamics that forge and transform human cultures, communities, and countries.
  1. Reframe globalisation issues around value system codes rather than behavioural stereotypes.
  2. Create Vital Signs Monitors to track deeper currents and critical indicators.
  3. Focus on the future as more significant than the past in shaping the present.
  4. Search for new intelligences that appear around chaos, and within crucibles.
  5. Identify the super ordinate goals that transcend other priorities and agendas.
  6. Facilitate and honour the inevitable steps, stages and waves in human emergence.
  7. Mobilise all available resources (quadrants/levels) and focus them like laser beams.
  8. Contain destructive conflicts while respecting the essential cycles of change.
  9. Promote Power differentiation through appropriate, stratified stages and layers.
  10. Resolve major paradoxes by implementing creative win:win:win solutions.
  11. Integrate the body, mind, soul and spirit in enriching the human experience.
  12. Nourish and replenish the natural habitat so that all life forms may flourish.

Adizes PAIE

  1. P. Performer. A doer, usually a short term thinker who executes what must be done.
  2. A. Administrator. A person who systemises the organisation to do the right things at the right times.
  3. E. Entrepreneur. A creator, the person who looks ahead, who projects what the future will be like and does something about it.
  4. I. Integrator. A person who can get everyone working together who can develop a culture of interdependency.

Adizes Lifecycle of Organisations

  1. Courtship (paEI)
  2. Infancy (Paei)
  3. Go-go (PaEI)
  4. Adolescence (pAEI)
  5. Prime (PAEI)
  6. Stable (Paei)
  7. Aristocracy (pAei)
  8. Early Bureaucracy (pAei)
  9. Bureaucracy (pAei)
  10. Recriminations (A)
  11. Death


  • Umweltbedingungen = Life Conditions
  • wMem (WerteMem) = vMeme (Value Meme)

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