Psycho Pollution

  • "Jetzt taut's - erkenne die neuen Risikozonen unserer Psyche"

"Wasser ist Emotion und Feuer ist Handlung und wenn Handlung und Emotion zusammen kommen, dann kann es ganz schön explosiv sein. Wasser löscht Feuer und Feuer löscht Emotionen"

  • "The Meltdown - identify the new risk zones for our psyche"

On a symbolic level, we can interpret the "global warming" on a psychic dimension. And that are good the good new. There is an old knowledge, that water is a symbol for the emotions of the people (like the tears). In a western world that is dominated by rational thinking, a lot of the "water is frozen" in

I belive, that this symmetrie is far beyond chance, and perhaps the greater impact of the "global warming" in the media could be this positiv reading of this story.

I belive that this melting down and show up of the old material, is a main

But when the emotions are melting ... then their will be also strong emotions, like massiv anger, hate, frustration, and so on.

The melting down will generate new risk zones (like in reality), there will be dislocation of (psychic) material.

To see them and to prevent us from bigger troubles, Spiral Dynamics Integral provides a good map and tools to identify the risk zones.

The theme for a Spiral Dynamic event in Switzerland should be "Pollution of our Psychic Environment or who to clean it up" ... and Spiral Dynamics holds some answers to this subject.

Look the subject about bio-geo environmental pollution is not really of concern in Switzerland (we had a cold and long winter with a lot of snow in Switzerland, and a lot of people read books like "World in Fear").

Even if the whole "geo-bio environmental pollution" is a real problem, the people here first have to clean up their psychic world because in a psychic polluted environment they don't find the energy to act on the bio-geo level. I think most of the swiss people are aware about the bio-geo environment and do what they can do.

You will definitively get no people when you try to tell the story about "bio-geo environmental pollution". Everybody here can remember about the whole story of the dieing forest ... today, 15 years later it is still alive, even if I'm sure that we should look for our environment, as far as we can.

As example the problem that in Switzerland a lot of this big fuel eating cars are sold, you can not solve with "bio-geo environmental paroles" because it’s a psychic problem, it's the problem of psychic savety and the hope that it' feels more save with a big car. And here in Switzerland a lot of people are aware about such things.

Here in Switzerland is a great awareness about that you can read movies like "The day after tomorrow" not on an "geo-bio environmental" level, that you can read it also on a psychic level. A lot of people know, that water is the symbol for feeling. We are living in a "the da vinci code"-time where the symbols are no longer symbols they will get signs, they will become conscious.

And yes when I read the "story" you told yesterday about the melting ice in the antarctis on the psychic level then it is the story what's happening here ... the psychic ice (feelings that are frozen in the childhood) is melting, but the people do not know where the water (energie) is gone. Your story is true, when you read it on a psychic level.

But why encode it? It's time to call it by name. I personally hate it all this pseudo mystical encoding to speak with the unconscious ... it's no longer under the waterline ... here in Switzerland it's over the waterline and we can name it (like Harry Potter can speak out the name of valdermort).

Look we have a very, very high rate of psychic burnouts in Switzerland. Our main concern is the pollution of the psychic (second tier) environment. The pollution on the memetic level. And spiral dynamics can give some answers to this problem.

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