The Tricky Tricks of Ken Wilber

I'm sure you realised them a long time ago, the tricky tricks of Ken Wilber. Whenever he wants to change a worldview or wants to show/create the border of a worldview, he uses mostly the same trick. He uses self reference sentences, like "When God is almighty he can create a rock that is so heavy that he can not lift it, so he is not almighty ...and so on". But still short after the Middle Ages it is known, that this is not a problem of God, it is an inherent limit of the rational thinking (see "Goedel Escher Bach" from Hofstadter). So latest now, you got the tricky tricks of Ken Wilber. Read some pages in his books or listen some interviews and you will find the self reference senteces.

But now it gets more funnier, because as soon as you got this, you start to think: ohh, now I know the trick and can start to argument against Ken with the same trick ... but when you start to do this, it blows you up ... out of the borders of rational thinking ... have fun ... and a good night ... thanks Ken ... see u somewhere in the universe ... Marc

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